In September 2019, a 3-day training event was held in Ireland where 19 participants from all partners organizations trained in 3 main areas: skills the trainers need to become: 1. mediators, 2. pro-activity and employment facilitators and 3. social supporters.

The specific training activity included the testing & validation of the Know Hubs TOOLKIT which includes the design and the development of 21 innovative training materials with practical exercises and resources, covering all the aspects of the newly combined 3M approach, to assist and support the training and skills development to train volunteers from the participating countries (ES, SE, IS, IR, GR, RO, DK ) to become mentors.

After the completion of the training activity, all trainers expressed their satisfaction about the organization of the event and the opportunity of exchanging innovative techniques in order to better understand the real needs of adults in their countries.
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