At the end of October, last year, Know Hubs partners met for the first time in Iceland. The meeting was hosted by the Icelandic partner, Nýheimar þekkingarsetur. 
The aim of the Know Hubs project is to bridge the gap between knowledge and skills, between the demands of the rural community and the individual need for support and guidance. Among other things, we hope to increase self-confidence, sense of empowerment and motivation of the marginalized young adults from rural areas. Hopefully, they will be active members of the knowledge society and benefit from lifelong learning opportunities.
During the first meeting, partners worked on organizational aspects of the project, discussing the projects' main objectives, outputs, milestones and partners' roles. The first output of the project was discussed extensively, concerning the methodology guidelines for the development of an E-BOOK that will focus on Knowledge Centres as 3-MS; Mediator, Meeting Place and Motor.
The meeting was successful and partners look forward to accomplishing the proposed aims and bringing a change in the lives of the selected target group and not only.
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